Our Story

What is NewShore?

NewShore is an idea created in Dorset, on the UK's South Coast. We take our name from some of our favourite surrounding areas- the New Forest, and our amazing coastal Shores.

We wanted to create a brand that resonates with people that are also proud of where they're from and want to represent their coast on their outdoor adventures.

We originally started as "NewShore Watch Co", where we offered handcrafted wooden watches (which we still do sale today), but as we evolved, we introduced wooden sunglasses which worked great together with our wooden watches. As we grew even more, we were able to offer more products such as hats, hoodies & tshirts.

With this growth, we felt it was right to drop the "Watch Co" from our name as we had become much more than just a watch company.

Our mission is to become a lifestyle brand that can be trusted to not only offer high quality clothing & accessories, but a brand that wears our heart on our sleeve, proud of where we are from, in Dorset, and our surrounding areas on the south coast.

We want you to feel that same pride too when out exploring nature or on an outdoor adventure.

Represent Your Coast with NewShore.